Testing Async Spring methods

Recently I was part of team which started a green field project. Our application was a Spring Boot application. We were strictly adhering to TestDrivenDevelopemnt. Spring has good testing support. We annotated our test classes with SpringBootTest and it worked for most of our RestControllers and Repository layer. [Read More]

Parsimony Principle

The most simple of two competing theories should be the preferred one, and that entities should not be multiplied needlessly [Read More]
Tags: design

Build container image using Maven-jib-plugin

Current I am building containers for my project using DockerFile. In order to build such a project I would run with dockerBuild step in my CI pipeline. Since Dockerfile is another piece of code so it needs to be given its share of attention as well. We add steps to... [Read More]
Tags: maven jib

Configure External access with Istio Egress

Istio offers rich set of traffic management capabilities. Recently I tried to access service outside of cluster as a result I had to copnfigure Istio Egress resource. Continuing the journey with spring-greeting service, I added a next version of the servcice which will fetch a random page title from Wikipedia.... [Read More]

Working with Istio Ingress Gateway

Previously I configured Istio on Microk8s and deployed a sample spring-greeting service on it. I explored Istio telemetary, looking through the various dashboards it made available in Grafana. As I accessed deployed spring-greeting service I could see the dashboard capturing the traffic. [Read More]