Peter Principle Promotions

A few weeks back I was having a conversation with one my ex-colleagues. The guy had done project and programme management for sometime. He had seen the various hardships and shipwrecks. Eventually he changed the course of his journey. I often talked to the guy asking for his opinion. He... [Read More]

Software Factory

I was part of a project where the senior echelons thought software development as a Manufacturing unit. I had my share of arguments in explaining why this is a false premise. Over the years software development practices have made progress across various frameworks like waterfall, agile, kanban, scaled-agile. All these... [Read More]

Upgrading As Project Manager

I had served as EM for sometime. I had created the squads which delivered the required asks. As a next step, I was asked to take the role of a Project Manager. Well! the promotion had been a cheerful new for me. I looked up to it. I evaluated my... [Read More]

Engineering Manager Upgrade

After my initial brush, I was back to development in other organisations. I spent a couple of more years in this role and getting a few promotion to the next possible level. Then, I got another opportunity to join an enterprise. The enterprise was struggling though one of its products.... [Read More]

Learning Management Lessons

Development has been my forte. I have worked hard and smart to deliver solutions.I have worked at startup, middle tier organisation and so called an enterprise (where I started my career). I have served positions like consultant, senior consultant, software engineer, principal consultant, senior software engineer, SDE-2, PSD etc. In... [Read More]