High output Management

I had shared that I was elated to management roles and my struggles with them. As a technical person and and IC my previous roles had been very crips. They completely outlined what was expected from me. But as a manager I had been struggling to define what my role... [Read More]

Runtime XML binding using EclipseLink

Recently I was doing a POC for a dynamic JXB user-case. So our customer was consuming a JAXB based schema from one of their upstreams. The schema published information fields of supported products. Since the upstream was also developing and adding more projects so they did not freeze their schema.... [Read More]

Service Containers in Azure Pipelines

Testing a system in isolation is not easy. A system usually has many dependencies which must be plugged for its proper function. During development Developers have the flexibility of deploying mock services. These services allow every developer to run the application on their own boxes. These mock services are required... [Read More]

Using Azurite Emulator

Cloud Storage is great for operation purpose. We need not think of upfront capacity planning. The infrastructure ca be provisioned on demand. There are host of operations which ca be used to configure the access policies. This is a long list of good things, but there are challenges as well.... [Read More]

JDK Alias in Mac

Mac OS has a a useful utility java_home. The utility helps us to determine which Java versions are available and setup the JAVA_HOME environment variable. It can be used to enable a versions of Java from the available versions. We can execute the following command, to list the versions :... [Read More]
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